Increasing YouTube views and likes is a really tricky job, but with the free tips that I am about to give you, you will have an easier time getting the views you deserve.

Lets get started with the tips.


1. Choose a good thumbnail

The thumbnail set automatically by YouTube isn't the best one you want for your video. I did one expirement by uploading the same video two times. The first time I had an automatic thumbnail, and the other time I put a custom one representing the best part of my video. Guess what? With custom thumbnail I got 34% more views. Keep in mind that uploading thumbnails that aren't related to the video isn't a good idea because you may get penalized for this.

2. Upload video transcript

YouTube doesn't understand your video and your music inside the video. What does it understand then? It does understand text, and text only! It understands your video title, your description and search tags. One of the best tips is to use transcripts so your video will show higher in search results then other people without transcript. Your keywords are in your transcript and your video will show in search results for those keywords too.

3. Pick good search tags

This may seem obvious, but is neglected almost every time by different users. Put yourself in the position of the users and think: How would I have searched for this video? Your answers should be your search tags. Another extra tip is to use long tail keywords, which means don't use short phrases such as "youtube views" because they are very very general and you will have a hard time showing in search position for them. Instead use phrases such as "youtube views in 2016". This is more specific, you have less competition and probably will get more views.

Increase Views Using Search Tags

4. Upload frequency

People like YouTube channels that are consistent and upload at regular times. If you can do that, success is guaranteed. New people will come to watch your videos and the old ones will be attached to your channel. One of the best tips for uploading at regular times is to make lot of videos in advance, then schedule them for example each Friday at 6pm. If you can make 20 videos, you have content for 20 weeks. During this time you can work on making other videos. Your views will skyrocket with this method.

5. Video quality

This is the main reason why people want to watch your video, but this isn't enough to get you views without following the other tips too. Try to make videos with good length. The longer the viewers engage with your video, the better the video will show in search results. If your video gets on average 40 seconds view time, and your rival video gets 30 seconds on average for the same topic, you have an advantage. In YouTube algorithm user engagement counts a lot.

6. Great description

As I mentioned previously, YouTube does understand only text! The video description is the part that you should optimizme with the best text for your prefered keywords. Try to make the video description interesting, tell the people something else which isn't in the video. You want the viewers to connect with you, know you better and subscribe to you. After your introduction and interesting things, go on and put description about what happens in the video. In the last part you will have your keywords for which you will rank up in search results.

7. Short and on point title

Don't try to describe your entire video with one title. You can't. Long titles aren't prefered by users and many users just won't read all your title. Try to use titles that get the user attention, that make them feel emotional about your title and make them want to click your video by just reading your title. A bad title is also a general title. You shouldn't use the same title as many other users. Your title should be unique and still be related to your video.

8. Connection is power!

Connect your videos. In the end of one video, insert an annonation and link it to another related video of yours. Do the same in the link descriptions. Structure your videos in playlists. A killer technique is to upload an entire playlist at the same time! Why? The answer is simple. If an user comes to your channel and finds just part 1 of your 20 part tutorial he will watch part one and go away watch some other YouTube videos. If you have all your playlist ready, he will stay there watching the other videos too. You will gain more views in total.

Increase Views Using Annonations

9. Feature and share new videos

Don't forget to feature your new videos in your channel page. Try to link your YouTube account with other social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Share your videos with your friends and any other person. Try to get maximal exposure for your videos.

10. Video responses

People often forget about this YouTube feature. Post your videos as responses to related popular videos. You will be amazed by how many views you will gain by doing this. If the video doesn't allow you to post responses, just comment there why the users should watch your video.

Increase Views Using Video Response

11. Bulletins

As your number of subscribers increases it is essential to communicate with your fans and keep them engaged. One of the best ways is by using bulletins. I have been using bulletins since YouTube introduced them and the results are amazing. Combined with the social media my views increase about 40%. Bulletins let you send text and videos to all of your subscribers and the bulletins appear on their home pages. Don't hesitate and be shy, go on and send bulletins to let your subscribers know about your hard work and your new videos.


Above I listed ten of the best tips that you can use to increase your YouTube views. They can be used without any additional fee or payment. They really work but require a lot of work by your part. You have to be consistend and work hard. What if I am lazy or want to get what I deserve faster?

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