What Is BitStorm Software?

BitStorm Software is an innovative IT company based in Tirane, Albania. Our main goal is to satisfy our clients needs by providing great looking, secure and fast applications to them.

We offer different services to our customers such as :

For some of our customers we also offer outsorcing depending on the project. You have to contact us for outsourcing.

Why Us?

It is vital for many companies to automate different tasks such as code style converting, use advanced software licencing systems, protect their software from being cracked and protect their systems from being hacked.

We have a great team of experienced developers and computer scientists. We have specialized members for each of our products.

Our experience in programming secure software, reverse engineering, penetration testing helps us not only to offer you these services, but makes our products immune to such attempts.

All our products such as web applications, mobile applications, web services and custom software are tested rigorously. Our custom software are also code signed using the latest technology, so you can easily verify our products from fake ones.

What is our focus?

Our primary focus is to create software that makes the production of other software easier, automate certain computer tasks and increase the security of IT systems.

We like to make software that aren't created yet, so if you have a challenge for us and you need some software that doesn't exist yet, just contact us. We have different members specialized in different areas such as web development, mobile development and desktop development.

In addition we offer consulting, outsourcing and custom solutions.